FRINGE: Episode 2.16, 'Olivia. In The Lab. With A Revolver'

FringeEpisode Title: "Olivia. In the Lab. With a Revolver."

Written By: Matthew Pitts

Story: A man dying of cancer is going around intentionally exposing specific victims to his disease — but cancer isn't supposed to be contagious, and it's certainly not supposed to kill an infected host mere minutes after exposure! Cue the Fringe team, as Olivia Dunham (Anna Torv) begins to realize that this isn't just any man, but one of her former Cortexiphan classmates from Jacksonville.

But the sick man is just one pressing matter on Olivia's plate, as the tightly wound special agent debates whether or not to betray Walter (John Noble) by telling Peter (Joshua Jackson) the truth about his alternate reality origins.

Cancer Man & The Cortexiphan Kids: Cool name for a band, no? Mysteries of the week are always compelling when they have interplay with the overarching mythology of "Fringe," which was exactly the case in tonight's installment. As Nina Sharp (Blair Brown) and Philip Broyles (Lance Reddick) rightly point out, there are still several other Cortexiphan patients lurking about in the world — and if the Fringe team doesn't find them first, there's no telling how their powers could be exploited.

The Truth Is Awkward: Now that Olivia knows the truth about Peter, things have gotten a little, well, uncomfortable. It's interesting to watch Peter interact with the rest of the team now that both Olivia and the audience know the full story behind his abduction. Peter isn't unusually optimistic, even if it seems that way — it's that we're all burdened with a secret that we can't reveal. It's a very interesting dynamic between Jackson and the rest of the "Fringe" cast, but based on Walter's declaration at the end of this episode, the secret won't stay buried for too much longer.

Get A Clue: I have to say that "Olivia. In The Lab. With A Revolver." is one of the better "Fringe" episode titles in a good long while, but I'm disappointed that it didn't have much relevance to the episode itself — aside from the "Clue" game played between Olivia and Sam Weiss (Kevin Corrigan), that is. If I'm missing another obvious connection, please head to the comments section and let me know. Otherwise, I'll judge it as a great title, but not a particularly accurate one.

Walter's Weekly Wisdom: "By the time you got down to the bottom, your testicles would be in your mouth." — Walter describing an old ski slope from his pre-crazy days.

Next Case: RoboCop invades "Fringe" — or, at least, the actor who plays him does! Peter Weller arrives in next week's episode as a time traveling criminal that the Fringe team must stop.

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