'Anchorman 2' Finished, Shot In Two Days With Main Cast 'Drunk Most Of The Time,' Steve Carell Says

Steve Carell must have been dreading doing press for "Date Night," which opens tomorrow. As the real-life alter-ego of Brick Tamland, "special" weather reporter on the Channel 4 Evening News team in San Diego, he gets a lot of questions about the long-awaited, much-asked-for sequel to "Anchorman." Carell decided to try a new tactic on the "Date Night" red carpet the other night when MTV's Josh Horowitz asked him about the project's status: bald-faced lies.

"It's already shot, we already shot it," he said. Josh asked, it's done? "It's done. Let's just put that out there." Well then. Uh. Is it any good?

Carell exclaimed: "It's fantastic!"

"We shot it in just two days," he continued. "So they just turned the camera on and we walked around going 'Ohhhh... we're the news team!' And I think we were drunk most of the time."

None of this is true of course. I'm going to go out on a limb and assume you've gathered that already. Carell did end up giving the fans what they want: answers.

"I talked to Will about a month ago and we all want to do it, it's just a matter of scheduling," he said, echoing what everyone else involved in "Anchorman" has been saying about potential plans for a sequel. "Paul Rudd is very busy. I just saw [Champ actor] Dave Koechner, he did a little thing on 'The Office' recently. We're all into it. It's just a matter of scheduling."

So nothing new to report really, but at least Carell was funny about it.

Do you think the key players should prioritize an "Anchorman" sequel into their schedules?

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