A Wookiee, A Hero And A Dalek In Today's Daily TwitPic

The meeting of the sci-fi franchises in this morning's Daily TwitPic is mind-boggling. There's something here for everyone. Provided you like "Heroes," "Dr. Who" and/or "Star Wars," that is. "Willy Wonka" too, as one perceptive commenter points out.

In the image after the jump you'll see "Heroes" star James Kyson Lee (Hiro's supercharged buddy Ando) chilling at (we presume) WonderCon with a villainous Dalek from the "Dr. Who" universe (think of them as space Nazis) and an orange-complected, short-statured Wookiee, which one commenter refers to as an interspecies pairing between Chewbacca's people and an Oompa Loompa, the unnatural result of a Dalek breeding program.

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