EXCLUSIVE: 'Get Smart' Sequel 'Switches Things Up,' Steve Carell Says

In a recent interview, "Date Night" star Steve Carell told MTV's Josh Horowitz that there's a script written for a "Get Smart" sequel. That wasn't enough though. Josh wants answers, and he got some more last night when he ran into Carell on the "Date Night" red carpet.

First he asked if we'll see the same crew return in the sequel. Carell turned serious, reflective. His response is best described as... enigmatic. "Some," he said, drawing out the word as a question. "Maybe some not." Dead silence. "Is your interest piqued?

Breaking out into a grin, Carell continued with the actual news. "[The sequel] switches things up a little bit this time around. It definitely ups the ante," he said. "The script... it's funny and it's a good plot, I like it."

The first movie, released in 2008, has it's share of fans and detractors in equal measure. Anyone familiar with the original TV series can agree however that Carell is a great fit for the Maxwell Smart character, first played by the late, great Don Adams. "Get Smart" did well enough at the box office to justify a sequel... so when are we going to see it?

"That's still somewhere out there," Carell said. "I'm not sure when that's going to come down."

Did you like the "Get Smart" movie? How about the TV show? Do you want a sequel? Where should the story go?