EXCLUSIVE: 'Splice' Director Vincenzo Natali Wants To Adapt J.G. Ballard's 'High Rise' Next

When Sundance was getting into swing a few months back, we brought you an exclusive look at "Splice," the latest effort from "Cube" director Vincenzo Natali. He also attended WonderCon last weekend, and MTV's Larry Carroll got to chat with him for a bit there about what's potentially coming next.

"I have an adaptation of a J.G. Ballard novel called 'High Rise' that I desperately want to do," he said. "This is about a building that is so enormous that it basically functions like a vertically integrated society."

Ballard published "High Rise" in 1975, two years after "Crash." That and "Empire of the Sun" are the two most notable adaptations credited back to the author. "High Rise" certainly sounds like a compelling third, and topical too.

"It's about what happens when that [high rise] society collapses," Natali said. "I call it a social disaster film; it's really fun, it's really crazy."

Have you read "High Rise"? Do you think this is a good Ballard novel to adapt? Any other works from him that you'd like to see turned into a film?