EXCLUSIVE: From The Makers Of 'Mega Shark Vs. Giant Octopus' Comes 'Mega Piranha' -- Watch The Craziest Trailer Of The Year!

Last May I went gaga over a little film called "Mega Shark vs. Giant Octopus," which featured scenes like a great white shark taking a bite out of the Golden Gate Bridge. We premiered the trailer here on MTV.com and it quickly became one of our highest trafficked of all time. I like to think I can spot quality stuff.

Well now we've got another treat for you from the folks at The Asylum, and it's just as fun as their previous opus. It's called "Mega Piranha" and it stars '80s pop star Tiffany trying to stop a horde of mutant killer fish. The scenes are just as hilariously campy as "Mega Shark" (one fish takes down a helicopter and yes, that's a guy drop kicking a piranha in the picture below) so I think you'll enjoy. Check it out here (or click here for glorious high-def) and then catch it on SyFy this Saturday at 9/8c.

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