Teresa Palmer Won't Confirm 'Mad Max: Fury Road' Role, Calls The Series 'Brilliant'

Oh Teresa Palmer. Had we but world enough, and time. We could sit together and I could tell you how much I liked the orphan movie you did with Daniel Radcliffe that wasn't "Harry Potter" (it was "December Boys"). 10,000 years I would devote to "Bedtime Stories!" An epoch to "The Sorcerer's Apprentice!"

So, Ms. Palmer, are you in the new "Mad Max," as was widely reported and initially revealed by your "Apprentice" co-star Jay Baruchel in an apparent slip of the lip?

"I may or may not be!"

Well, that settles it. You are. Actually, it's your face that settles it, but let's not get caught up in the details. Look, I didn't make a living as a poker player cause I can't read people's body language.

"It's just a rumor, I can't talk about it. I've been told not to," Palmer added with a huge smile. Told not to talk by whom, one might ask. "Mad Max" creator George Miller?

"[But] It WOULD be pretty cool. Pretty damn cool. I WOULD be psyched."

For the record, I'm pretty certain Palmer's excitement points to what is at least a nearly, done deal, but to hedge let's just say that I hope it's true. The actress is spectacularly beautiful, and she seems genuinely talented. And she's Australian, which is a bonus. More than all that, the way Palmer lights up when she talks about Miller's original "Mad Max" films even brings a smile to my face.

"In fact, I just saw the first one on the plane again for probably the fifth time. It still holds up. It's so brilliant," she exclaimed. "George Miller is so incredible that he can create this story and shoot it on such a small budget [and turn it] into this epic massive trilogy and everybody loves it. It's iconic Australian [storytelling]."

Does Teresa make a good fit in the "Mad Max" universe? How excited are you for the flick? Sound off below.