'Release The Kraken!!!' -- 'Clash Of The Titans' Trailer Inadvertently Spawns Hilarious Internet Meme

Ah memes. They really never get old. Until one does, and a newcomer rises up to take its place.

You don't need to have seen "Clash of the Titans" to get in on today's hot Internet meme. The goods are right there in the trailer. Liam Neeson, as Zeus, swallows scenery more than he does chew it as he shouts out a line throwing back to the original film: "Release the Kraken!!!"

This tiny moment has spawned a legion of Photoshops. What constitutes a Kraken? Sure, we get a glimpse of the thing in the trailer. But Internet-using folk have their own ideas. Some of which you can see in the video below, set to hilarious music.