EXCLUSIVE: Jay Baruchel Says 'Jay And Seth Vs. The Apocalypse' Will 'Happen For Sure,' Wants 'Dead Celebrity Cameos'

Poor Jay Baruchel. Dude can't go anywhere without someone asking him for a status report on "Jay and Seth Vs. the Apocalypse." He should get together with the "Arrested Development" crew and compare war stories of evading questions from reporters.

MTV's Larry Carroll spoke with Baruchel over the weekend in San Francisco, at WonderCon. And sure enough, Larry asked for a "Jay and Seth" update. Baruchel, always the good sport, took the questioning in stride and answered to the best of his knowledge. And I have to say, "Jay and Seth" fans... this thing might actually happen!

"It's a good problem to have, when [co-star Seth Rogen] and I are too busy to find the time," Baruchel said. "It's high on the triage list. It's something that'll get done very soon." Soon, soon... all we ever hear is soon! How about some specifics? Believe it or not, the "How To Train Your Dragon" star actually delivers!

"They're in the process of writing it right now. My prediction would be sometime in the next year and a half it'll at least get going," he said. "It's just-- like I said, these are nice problems to have. He and I are too busy. And Evan, [Rogen's] writing partner, he and I wrote something called 'The Goon,' a hockey movie which we're trying to get going at some point this year. So there's just a lot happening."

Larry also wondered where the budget might fall. The original trailer suggests a scenario that could conceivably unfold in a single room, on a modest, sub-$100,000 budget. Of course, the setting outside is also post-apocalyptic Los Angeles... so a budget could conceivably climb north of $100 million. Where does Baruchel think it will fall?

"Somewhere in between," he said. "It'll be what you see in the trailer and then some. It's going to be a pretty offensive vision of the apocalypse and I want a lot of dead celebrity cameos. Because L.A. is full of famous people, I'd like all of the cameos to be them as corpses."

Ultimately, "Jay and Seth" is going to happen for one main reason: the people demand it! "We really love that people want to see it and we want to make the movie, so... it'll happen for sure," Baruchel said.

Are you a fan of the trailer? How badly do you want to see "Jay and Seth" get made? Which celebs would you like to see make a cameo as a corpse?