3-D WEEK: Five Films & Franchises Deserving Of A 3-D Conversion

Filming a movie from the ground up with 3-D technology isn't the only way to get fans to experience a three-dimensional smorgasbord of theatrical goodness — just look at "Clash of the Titans," Louis Leterrier's upcoming swords-and-sandals epic that was retroactively converted to 3-D once filming was completed.

As that technology clearly exists, there are plenty of movies, both classic and recent, that would be fantastic to see through a 3-D lens. After the jump, we've listed a few of the films we think should get a 3-D conversion.

The "Aliens" & "Predator" Films: I'm lumping these two science fiction franchises together, but don't think for a second I'm advocating for the "Alien vs. Predator" movies to get a 3-D overhaul — those films can burn to the ground for all I care. But seeing Ellen Ripley in a power loader or Dutch going fist-to-fist against an unarmed Predator would be fabulous in 3-D. With "Predators" on the way and "Alien 5" in the works, now would be a great time to test out 3-D conversions on some older entries in the two franchises.

District 9: How could you possibly make "District 9" more awesome? With a proper 3-D conversion, that's how. Wikus van de Merwe is one of the greatest, most reluctant and unexpected action heroes in cinema history thanks to his final rampage at the end of Neill Blomkamp's science fiction epic, but can you imagine that scene if he was shooting alien technology straight at your face? I, for one, can imagine it — and it looks glorious.

The "Indiana Jones" Trilogy: The high octane action of the "Indiana Jones" movies hardly needs refinement — in fact, the very notion of "improving" upon the franchise was lampooned multiple times on "South Park" — but if done carefully and tastefully, a 3-D conversion of Henry Jones Jr.'s globetrotting adventures could be wonderful to behold. A 3-D version of the opening of the Ark or the destruction of the Holy Grail's temple, if done correctly, could be a wise choice indeed.

Mars Attacks: Tim Burton's already achieved massive success with his 3-D interpretation of "Alice in Wonderland," so why not dig back into the director's archives to find some other possible 3-D material? Of his movies, I think "Mars Attacks" would work the best with a retroactive conversion. The film's massive scale and scope of destruction would be beautiful in 3-D — and let's be honest, who wouldn't want to see celebrities like Jack Nicholson, Martin Short, Danny DeVito and Jack Nicholson again die hilarious deaths in full 3-D glory?

The Matrix: Over a decade has passed since Keanu Reeves learned kung fu for "The Matrix." Two poorly received sequels later, the mysterious action franchise is now perceived by many as a joke. But don't forget how great that first movie was — even if the philosophical plot wasn't your cup of tea, the action scenes were tremendously cool. If there's any way to restore the badass factor for "The Matrix," it's by giving those trippy combat sequences a 3-D upgrade.

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