'Fred: The Movie' Star Lucas Cruikshank Says To Expect An August, Back To School Release

Fred Figglehorn is just about the most annoying creation these Internets have spawned. And yet people seem to love it, his Chipmunk-y voice (of "Alvin and the..." fame), his dysfunctional family, his anger management issues... he's a bona fide YouTube sensation. He's also Lucas Cruikshank in real life, an imaginative 16-year-old kid responsible for creating this webspawn. It came out last year that Fred will get his very own movie, on Nickelodeon. So when MTV's Matt Elias spoke to Cruikshank, along with "Fred: The Movie" co-star Pixie Lott, at the Kid's Choice Awards last week, he asked how things are coming along.

"It actually just got picked up by Nickelodeon... a few days ago. So it's crazy. I play Fred in it. He's... awkward and weird. She plays Judy," he said, indicating Lott. "[She] is kind of like the love interest. She's way too good for Fred and [the story follows] Fred's attempts to get to her. It's a little bit of everything."

Asked what their favorite moment together on set was, Lott chimed in. "The last scene that we shot, we had to shoot with a dog. I was holding a little, tiny... chihuahua and it kept, in between when we were trying to act, it kept making really weird noises and licking in weird positions. So we couldn't stop laughing."

"It was really fun for us," Cruikshank continued. "But I could tell the directors were like, 'Get this scene! This is the last day!' We kept on messing it up over and over, but it was so much fun."

The duo didn't have an exact air date for the movie, but Cruikshank knows the general plan. "Summer-ish [release]. August probably, like back to school time."

Are you a fan of Fred Figglehorn? Will you watch the movie?