'Arabian Nights' Star Liam Hemsworth Says To Expect 'Dark Bad Guys'

Liam Hemsworth is currently the only guy, or girl for that matter, cast in "Arabian Nights," set to start shooting this September. The "Last Song" star admits that it's going to take the right kind of action star to play his pal in the flick, Sinbad. So does that mean he thinks that comedian, "Houseguest" star and "Celebrity Apprentice" castoff Sinbad need not apply?

"I'm the first person cast. They're looking at people at the moment," he said of the flick in an interview with MTV today. "Um… yeah people have said that to me actually," he added when asked if they'd consider Sinbad to play the role of, well Sinbad. "I don’t know. You know someone action hero-ish [might be more fitting]."

We'll an online petition going to ensure that Sinbad plays the role he was named for. In the meantime, Hemsworth told us that the film will certainly play up some of the darker elements in the original "Arabian Nights" tale, in which Scheherazade tells the Persian king a story each day to keep him from executing her, as he had done to 3,000 wives before her. It sounds like Hemsworth's "Nights" will stray from that original story, focusing on one of the tales Scherazade tells her king/husband.

"It is 3-D. It's about a young commander of an army, who I play, and his king gets killed and he has to go off and he ends up teaming with the character Sinbad," he said. "And [my character] asks him if he'll come back and defend his kingdom and they come back. There's some really dark bad guys there and it's an epic film."

Who do you think should play Sinbad? What do you think of the story as Hemsworth lays it out?

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