EXCLUSIVE: Wolfgang Petersen's 'Uprising' To Look At Earth After Alien Takeover, Will Be Director's Next Film

Wolfgang Petersen may not have been asked to contribute to the "Neverending Story" Blu-ray, but he has plenty of other new films to stay focused on. His live-action "Paprika" adaptation is "on the fast track," and now his Sony project "Uprising" looks like it could be getting close the gate as well. In fact, in a recent interview with MTV's Brian Jacks Petersen seemed confident that "Uprising" will be his next stop.

"It looks like it," the "Troy" director said. "It’s a very exciting project for Sony."

Petersen revealed the blockbuster-scaled story about Earth after an alien invasion was "going full speed ahead" at the studio and will come tagged with a large budget.

"It’s a very big budget movie and also it’s a very unusual sci-fi concept because it shows the world being actually run by aliens that come to us -- and not necessarily to destroy, but to organize and reorganize our lives, and to see how we react to that now," he explained.

"It’s a very, very cool concept because it’s not really ever done before, that you really see a very intelligent race coming and conquering our planet. Not destroying the planet, just controlling the military institutions and... improving the life and the organization of Earth." Petersen is fascinated by the idea that humans have never known anything other than human rule, and what that might mean "in terms of collaboration or fighting against [a dominant alien force]."

Petersen called the look he's going for "realistic as possible," which may mean we end up seeing an evolved "V"-style plot, perhaps with a "District 9" visual style. Until the film is finalized, these things are obviously open to revisions and tweaks, but it sounds like he has "Uprising" at the top of his to-do list for now.

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