EXCLUSIVE: Liam Hemsworth Confirmed To Star In 'Arabian Nights,' Shooting In September

A couple weeks ago, we heard that "The Last Song" star Liam Hemsworth was in negotiations to star in a 3-D adaptation of "Arabian Nights." We caught up to him on the red carpet at "The Last Song" premiere last night and he confirmed that it is, in fact, happening.

"I think we're going to shoot it in September," he said. "It's a big action film with swords and fighting and cool stuff." He didn't have any more details to share than that, other than admitting that he doesn't think he's seen a 3-D movie, but he certainly seems excited to be following his brother Chris (aka the star of "Thor") into blockbuster action.

This is just a taste of what's to come next week. Starting on Monday, we'll be celebrating the rising popularity of digital 3-D, a week bookended between today's "How To Train Your Dragon" and next Friday's "Clash of the Titans." We'll have exclusive images, video and interviews for you, along with the usual high standard of reporting and commentary that you've come to expect from the writers here at MTV.com. We're looking forward to sharing the goods with you, so be sure to browse over next week!