Ashley Greene Went 'To Some Different Places' For Her Role In 'The Apparition'

I'm pretty excited for this horror movie "The Apparition." It features "Twilight" star Ashley Greene, "Harry Potter" star Tom Felton and Sebastian Stan, who shows up in this week's surefire comedy hit "Hot Tub Time Machine." There's not a whole lot known about the movie, but that's a solid lineup. Greene is certainly excited about the gig, as she told MTV's Josh Horowitz in a recent interview.

"That has been one of the most incredible experiences," she said. After South By Southwest, Greene headed back for the final stretch of shooting. And it's clear in the way she talks about the movie that she can't wait for us all to see it.

"It's psychological and it's a thriller, and it's going to be scary as hell. I can tell you that much [from just] shooting it," she said. "I've gone to some different places that I didn't think I could go, emotionally and physically."

Greene couldn't delve into too many details, but she did throw out a couple of bones. "Basically, [the movie] is centered around two characters: myself and Sebastian Stan. We... get haunted by this supernatural being and the whole film is us figuring out exactly what this thing wants and how to get it to leave us alone. Through that, we figure out some things about ourselves and our relationship as well."

What's interesting to me here is that Greene doesn't mention Felton. He's got top billing in the movie, along with Greene and Stan. Could this be yet another sign that Felton is playing the villain? He previously told MTV that this role is "a real step outside what I'm used to."

He then went on to describe his character. "As far as my character goes, obviously he's not an evil, jealous wizard. He's a college student, a very intelligent, confident young man who's really excited about what he's getting himself into. At the same time, he has no idea what he's getting himself into. This character has such a wide range in one movie. He starts off as a real go-getter, and as the story goes on, you really see him turn."

So Greene and Stan are being haunted by some supernatural force and Felton is a guy who "has no idea what he's getting himself into" until he starts to "turn." Does he become possessed? Is he a scientist/aspiring scientist who discovers away to tap into supernatural forces? We'll have to wait and see. But there are plenty of puzzle pieces to shift around on the board.

Are you excited for "The Apparition"? How do you think Felton will factor into the story?