Wes Craven Confirmed As 'Scream 4' Director, 2011 Release Date Set

Somebody get Captain Obvious on the phone, because today's "Scream 4" news has his name all over it. It all started last year, with the news that series creator Kevin Williamson would be returning to his script-flipping horror series with an all-new trilogy set after the events of the original three movies (i.e. not a reboot). Things moved quickly from there, as the Arquettes committed to reprise their roles, as did Neve Campbell (following some uncertainty), and Williamson revealed some of his plans for the follow-up.

Through all of that, it was believed that original series director Wes Craven would return, possibly at the helm. Courteney and David Arquette confirmed as much to MTV back in January. So the news today that Craven is nothing new for people who have been following the wacky turns "Scream 4" has taken in the past bunch of months.

Variety confirms today that Craven will return, and that Dimension Films has greenlit "Scream 4" to shoot thing spring. The release date they have penciled in right now is April 12, 2011, though with more than a year between now and then this is surely subject to change. Still, a spring 2011 release is looking likely for the latest in the "Scream" series.

I'm still not entirely convinced that Campbell is really back. Not in the way people might think, anyway. The first movie opened with a brief scene in which a young woman is killed by the series' masked psychopath, a young woman played by none other than Drew Barrymore. The actress got prominent billing among the film's stars, and her death in the film's opening scene came as quite a shock.

Given Williamson's penchant for playing with genre conventions, not to mention his obvious appreciation for filmmaking as an art form, I'm almost certain that Campbell will be "Scream 4"'s Barrymore. She initially expressed hesitation about joining the next movie, but that quickly went away. Maybe Williamson convinced her that she's necessary to make the new trilogy work... or maybe he just promised her no more than a day or two of shooting for a single scene.

Or maybe Campbell's Sidney Prescott character is our new killer...? Let the speculation begin!

What do you think? Good news that Craven is back? Is Campbell going to appear in the movie as a cameo kill? Would you like to see her turn out to be the killer behind that mask?