'Spy Hunter' Movie Adaptation Is Revving Up Once Again

Once upon a time, a decision was made that it would be a good idea to adapt the classic arcade game "Spy Hunter" into a feature film. The idea of a super-spy and his super-car goes back to James Bond at the very least, but the game is a recognizable enough brand that an adaptation was deemed a groovy idea. John Woo was going to direct and many believed that Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, who voiced the lead role in the 2006 video game, would star. The project was later revived by Paul W.S. Anderson.

That plan fell to pieces when Anderson's overflowing plate got in the way. Now, following Warner Bros' 2009 acquisition of the game's publisher, Midway, it looks like those wheels are turning again. THR's Heat Vision Blog reports that the studio has hired Chad St. John -- who has a number of unreleased writing credits, including "Ronin," "Sgt. Rock" and an "Outland" remake -- to pen a script. "Sherlock Holmes" producer Dan Lin and Roy Lee, who was in the news this month with his upcoming "Leonardo da Vinci and the Soldiers of Forever," will both produce.

While the original arcade game never really required a fully baked narrative, the basic setup of "weapon-equipped super-car destroying armies of enemy super-cars" has been expanded somewhat. The G-6155 Interceptor is operated by a spy -- presumably someone with star power -- charged with bringing down rogue agents. The car is an important tool since, as we all know, one of the necessary components to being a proper spy is having a tricked-out car with guns, rockets, smoke machines and more.

No other details are known yet, so don't get too excited. My guess is that the involved parties are going to sit tight and wait, see how this summer's "Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time" performs before pulling the trigger on an all-new video game adaptation.

Is the time right for a "Spy Hunter" movie? Will the movie have to open with the "Peter Gunn Theme"?