Sam Worthington Lays Out His Idea For A 'Terminator Salvation' Sequel

"Terminator Salvation" missed the mark a bit, but Sam Worthington was an undeniable highlight. The star, in his pre-"Avatar" days, gave a memorable performance as Marcus Wright, a Skynet terminator who believes he's a man. Although Wright doesn't quite make it through to the end, Worthington shared a few ideas about how his character could return in a sequel with MTV contributor Ryan Downey at the recent press junket for "Clash of the Titans."

"I had an idea that we'd go back in time to when Marcus was first put in jail," he said. The man who the Marcus Wright terminator is based on was a death row inmate prior to Judgment Day. "They broke Linda Hamilton out of jail in ['Terminator 2: Judgment Day'], out of the nuthouse. In this one, they'd have to go back in time and break Marcus out of jail. It's the same kind of mirror image."

It's an interesting idea. Skynet has repeatedly used time travel with the intent of changing the past to shatter the human resistance in the post-Judgment Day present. Maybe the entire plot of "Salvation" somehow leads to the downfall of humanity and John Connor decides to beat the machines at their own game.

So humans head back in time to break Wright out of prison, only this Wright is a sociopath who deserves to rot on death row. Maybe Skynet catches wind of the plot and sends a terminator back to protect Wright. In a new twist for the series, a key human character becomes a major villain. It does indeed make for an interesting reversal, especially since a human Wright wouldn't be able to soak up bullets (and other punishment) the way his metallic descendant one day will.

"He would be more fallible, because he's human; he's not metallic," Worthington said. "He can get hurt. He still has the gung-ho attitude, but he can get hurt now."

It's a neat idea, but it's not like anything's been written. The fact that the actor has put any thought into it indicates that he enjoyed himself with "Salvation." "I really liked playing the character a lot," he said, going on to admit that he'd be game to return to the series for any reason if the powers-that-be cook up a "story [that] was worth telling."

What do you think of Worthington's idea? Would you like more "Terminator"? Do you want to see his character back in the next one?