Health Care Bill Reactions, Going Easy On Justin Bieber And 'Greenberg' In Today's Twitter-Wood

The health care bill that passed through the U.S. House last night dethroned Justin Bieber on Twitter's trending topics, but both of them showed up in Twitter-Wood chatter today. The bill had supporters and critics, and former Bieber critic Ken Jeong switched sides to Bieber neutrality, according to a confession post yesterday.

Elsewhere, everyone was watching something last night and had an opinion. Jessica Alba watched frogs jumping off cliffs, Edgar Wright caught a Blur documentary and Greg Mottola saw Ben Stiller in "Greenberg." Find out what they thought and which David Lynch collaborator and composer has a birthday today. It's all in Twitter-Wood for March 22nd, 2010.

Twitpic of the Day:

@SammLevine Shoot day 2 on the @SklarBrothers web series, Held Up. I swear, @steveagee showed up like this.

-Samm Levine, Actor ("Inglourious Basterds," "I Love You, Beth Cooper")

Health care pt. 1: @RedHourBen Health care reform FAR from perfect, but it is a step forward. Hope we all can come together and move forward. And... DEFLECTOR SHIELDS UP!

-Ben Stiller, Actor ("Zoolander," "The Royal Tennenbaums")

Health care pt. 2: @pennjillette I'm on Larry King again tonight. Wolf Blitzer is hosting. I bet it'll be about health care. There are no ends, only means. That's my POV.

-Penn Jillete, Actor ("Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas," "Penn & Teller Get Killed")

@DAVID_LYNCH Happy birthday to Angelo Badalamenti!

-David Lynch, Writer/Director ("Mulholland Dr.," "Twin Peaks")

@gregmottola Saw 'Greenberg' tonight, thought it was great. Very fine performances from Ben Stiller & Greta Gerwig. And Lou Reed was two rows behind me.

-Greg Mottola, Writer/Actor/Director ("Adventureland," "Superbad")

@kenjeong I'd better go easy on Bieber.I could see my kids loving him in the future. I don't want them hating me for hating him. #whothefuckamitojudge

-Ken Jeong, Actor ("The Hangover," "Community")

@jessicaalba Watching LIFE on the Discovery Channel w @cash_warren pebble toad weighs less than a paper clip and throws itself down cliffs?!?

-Jessica Alba, Actress ("Sin City," "Valentine's Day")

@edgarwright Watched the great Blur docu No Distance Left To Run on iPlayer. Wish I'd seen on the big screen. Loved the footage of Alex doing idents.

-Edgar Wright, Director ("Shaun of the Dead," "Scott Pilgrim vs. The World")

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