'Transformers 3' Adds Ken Jeong, John Malkovich And Frances McDormand To The Cast

That Michael Bay. He always wants to go bigger. Bigger robots, bigger explosions... bigger cast.

So today's news should come as no surprise. The "Transformers" director, who is busily prepping the third movie in the series for a summer 2011 release, revealed today on his website that three more names have joined the already star-studded cast, and an odd lineup at that. "The Hangover" supporting player Ken Jeong, frequent Coen brothers collaborator Frances McDormand and he-needs-no-introduction actor John Malkovich.

The news comes straight from Bay himself, in an update on his personal website. He unfortunately does not reveal the roles each performer will play, but there are some hints. Deadline reports that McDormand will play the national intelligence director -- presumably making bad decisions until she sees the light in the final act -- and Malkovich will play the boss of star Shia LaBeouf's character. No word Jeong's role, though we can safely presume that it will serve as some sort of comic relief.

Bay also revealed that the cast and crew have quite an adventure in store, with a globe-trotting shoot planned which will take them to "LA, Chicago, Washington DC, Florida, Texas, Africa, Moscow, and China." Whew. He also confirmed a fact he revealed last week at a charity auction: the newest Autobot's vehicle form is a Ferrari 458 Italia.

Bay said that pre-shooting is expected to start in "about one month," which makes sense. We heard just last week from star Josh Duhamel that the script is finished. All that's left is to make the magic happen.

Personally, I love this casting news. The series' key players have long since been established, but the newcomers bring with them a varied mix of colorful acting backgrounds. Between that and the frequent word we've been hearing that Bay is looking back into the depths of the franchise's mythology for the third movie's story, and I'm having a hard time not being excited even though last summer's sequel didn't manage to measure up to the original.

What do you think of the new casting? Are you excited for a third "Transformers" movie?