Bold Films Attempts Female 'Bourne' Type Franchise With 'Blank Slate'

The real "Bourne" franchise may have stalled, but we continue hearing about new franchise possibilities involving a female version of the amnesiac spy. The latest is Bold Films' "Blank Slate," an action thriller that Heat Vision reports is based around the idea of a female convict implanted with the memories and fighting abilities of a fallen CIA agent. The script is from Douglas Cook and David Weisberg, who penned one of my favorite action movies of all time (in spite of how ridiculous it is), "The Rock."

In addition to the obvious "Bourne Identity" comparison, the plot synopsis also reminds me of "Face/Off," "The Eye," "La Femme Nikita" and the 1996 Ray Liotta movie "Unforgettable," in which a detective takes an experimental drug that allows him to acquire memories of other people in order to track down his wife's murderer. Not to put down the originality of "Blank Slate," which I think could be a very awesome mix of all these films and be yet another stupid-fun action movie. Bring in John Woo or Luc Besson or a director of equal talent and it'll at least be a guilty pleasure.

Past projects sold as a "female 'Bourne'" concept include "The Eighth Wonder," which Nicole Kidman was attached to back in 2008, and Steven Soderbergh's "Knockout." The latter is already in production and will certainly beat "Blank Slate" to theaters, at which time this new project may seem like a copycat. But due to the memory play, this is more comparable to "Bourne."

Besides that, there are other female-driven spy thrillers on the way too, including Angelina Jolie's "Salt." Maybe we're just entering a new dawn for the female action hero? I have no problem with that.

Couldn't you go for another female-driven spy thriller? Who are some actresses you'd like to head up a potential franchise like "Blank Slate"?