'Sucker Punch' To Be Converted Into 3-D, Vanessa Hudgens Fires A Big Gun, Throw Tomahawks

When it comes to eye candy in 2011, one of the hot prospects right now is "Sucker Punch," directed by Zack Snyder. Emily Browning stars as a young woman who is committed to a mental institution by her evil stepdad. In order to escape from the grim reality of her surroundings, she constructs an elaborate fantasy world in her head that casts her caretakers and fellow inmates in some unusual roles.

Last week, MTV's Larry Carroll spoke with Browning's co-star Vanessa Hudgens, who plays the ass-kicking, tomahawk-wielding Blondie in the movie. We've spoken to Hudgens, a former "High School Musical" star, a few times about her upcoming role. She's always been very excited about it, but now she's even moreso thanks to a recent development for the March 2011 release: 3-D.

"I am very excited about it because I finally get to be an extreme badass and kick butt," Hudgens said. "Actually, we didn't shoot it for 3-D and I just found out the other day. I could not be more thrilled. I'm just excited to know that when I'm throwing my tomahawk, it's gonna be right in your face."

It's quite a change for Hudgens, who is previously known best for her work in "High School Musical." In those kid-friendly, music-driven affairs, she was a bookworm-y "girl next door" type of character. A marked difference from Blondie, her tomahawk-chucking psycho inmate in "Sucker Punch." How different, you ask?

"I get to shoot a .50 [caliber] gun which is a gun that's on the back of a tank that they use in the army," she said. "It's intense and I think it's just the most thrilling thing a person could ever do is shoot that gun."

Here's a better question: what could possibly be the context for Hudgens' Blondie firing a .50 cal from the confines of a mental institution? She isn't saying, so for now, we wait.

Scale of 1 to 10: how excited are you for "Sucker Punch"? Are you excited to see Snyder moving away from adaptations ("300," "Watchmen") and into his own material?

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