Warner Bros Says 'Harry Potter' Set Fire No Cause For Alarm, That Set 'Was Due To Be Rebuilt'

There was news out of the UK yesterday that a fire on the set of "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows" left Hogwarts in ruins. The truth is not quite that dramatic, but it makes for compelling copy, right?

All of the "Harry Potter" films have been shot at Leavesden Film Studios, near Watford, Hertfordshire. Local paper Watford Observer reports that the fire started while second unit shooting was underway on Friday evening, on a courtyard scene that factors into a battle sequence -- presumably the climax -- in the second of the final two "Potter" films. The pyrotechnics-heavy work being done got a little bit out of control, leading to the fire. Warner Bros has already confirmed that none of the principal cast members were present, no one was injured and no equipment was damaged.

In a statement, a "Potter" rep said of the incident: "It was a big special effects scene. Unfortunately, there was a small fire as a result of that. As a precaution, as we had already mobilized our own in-house fire team who had it under control, the fire brigade was called and it was put out in under an hour."

The statement went on to confirm that Leavesden wasn't damaged at all by the fire and that the fire-plagued set was already going to be rebuilt anyway. "The scene was where the set was being destroyed and then it was to be rebuilt for a new scene, as part of a battle for Deathly Hallows part two."

The "Potter" team responded following early reports that the cost of the damage was somewhere in the neighborhood of £100,000. While those early reports also made mention of the incident causing production delays for Warner, so far the planned release dates of November 19, 2010 and July 15, 2011 remain unchanged.