EXCLUSIVE: 'Transformers 3' Script Finished, Story Draws Heavily From Series Mythology, Josh Duhamel Says

We might not have an official title yet, but rest assured that work on the third "Transformers" movie is moving right along. It better be, with July 1, 2011 as the date it is set for release by Paramount. Shooting hasn't started yet, but MTV's Larry Carroll learned from star Josh Duhamel at ShoWest last week that the script is now finished.

"I just read it yesterday," he said. Interesting. Maybe we can get some details? "I can't tell you." No shock there. Duhamel likes what he read though. "After reading it I was really pleasantly surprised and happy, and I think that they did a great job."

Duhamel took care to not even discuss how much screen time his character will have this time around, sliding past the question with a comment about it all coming down to the decisions made during the editing process and a joke. "I think I've got to butter up Michael Bay a little bit more."

How about new robots? Will we see any of those? "Oh yeah," Duhamel said, confirming what was previously known: that director Michael Bay loves himself some transforming robots. "Some really cool stuff happens."

The big takeaway is Duhamel's comment about the story and how it ties to the larger franchise. We'd already heard that the "core mythology" would be a focus, and the star reiterated that fact.

"They put a lot of time and thought into this," he said. "What I think is really cool is they really went back into the history of the 'Transformers' and they really didn't make anything up. They're using stuff that actually existed in the story from before."

Meaning... Dinobots? "I can't tell you." Drat. We'll know more soon enough, with little more than a year remaining until the movie's planned release.

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