Jamie Foxx Cast As Lynch In Adaptation Of Video Game 'Kane & Lynch'?!

Here's a brief bit of... interesting news. "Kane & Lynch: Dead Men" wasn't the best of video games, but it nonetheless delivered an intriguing tale of two anti-hero criminals, one of them a death row-convicted killer of 25 and the other, a crazed sociopath who suffers from psychotic blackouts and hallucinations.

Whatever you may think of the game, the story is ripe for a film adaptation. Which is actually happening, at Lionsgate, with newcomer Kyle Ward writing a script. Bruce Willis was confirmed by producer Adrian Askarieh for the role of Kane and now an unlikely bit of casting news has emerged for the role of Lynch: Jamie Foxx.

The news comes from Ward's Twitter feed (via ComingSoon), and we've reached out to his people for comment. Willis and Foxx as a pair of anti-heroes is certainly enticing, but there's an odd element to this casting: the Lynch in the game is an aging, long-haired Caucasian man, which Foxx is decidedly not.

It's not a crazy idea, but I'm surprised simply because the image of the two characters is so integral to the game's artwork. That said, what could be better than seeing Foxx and Willis rack up a body count and cause millions in collateral damage as they embark on a mission to retrieve a stolen microchip.

Stay tuned for more from MTV once we hear back from Ward or his representation. Until then, tell us what you think on Twitter or in the comments section below!