Conan O'Brien To Make Documentary About His Live Tour

Conan O'Brien may not get to host "The Tonight Show" anymore, but he could instead star in his own film. According to Deadline, a documentary crew is likely to follow the talk show vet during “The Legally Prohibited From Being Funny on Television Tour," his 30-city live stage show that kicks off in Eugene, OR on April 12.

Appropriately enough for today, "Leprechaun 2" director Rodman Flender is in talks to make the documentary, which is also trying to secure financing. As long as the film doesn't air on television right away, it won't violate O'Brien's terms with NBC which prohibit him from appearing on the small screen until the fall.

Such a quick turnaround (the tour ends June 14) would be difficult anyway, unless this is to be just a filming of the theatrical production to be shown on HBO (or wherever) for those fans who can't make it to one of the live events (a la Will Ferrell's one-man-show "You're Welcome, America. A Final Night With George W. Bush," which aired on HBO once its Broadway run ended).

However, the report specifies this is to be a documentary feature, probably to be distributed to cinemas, which implies we'll get a whole behind-the-scenes look at the tour, hopefully with lots of Coco's signature Elvis impersonations, and maybe some background into its cause.

A few days ago, TMZ revealed that "The Legally Prohibited From Being Funny on Television Tour" is not just something for the clearly bored Twitter sensation to embark on while he negotiates a future with Fox or some other network. He's doing the show in order to employ 40 of his "Tonight Show" staff members who were laid off when he was canned by NBC.

Plus, O'Brien will not earn a dime from the tour so that all proceeds can go to these devoted crew members, who uprooted themselves from NYC (where they worked with the host on "Late Night") and moved to Los Angeles (home of "Tonight") only to be let go after six months. Perhaps some of them can also participate in the making of this documentary and reap some of its gross as well. What I wonder now is if profit from the film will be applied in the same way as the tour revenue?

You can find tour dates on And/or hope that this film idea does indeed happen.

Have you gotten your tickets to the Coco show yet? Will you go see this documentary on the big screen when or if it's released theatrically?

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