'New Moon' Takes Aziz Ansari By Surprise In Today's Daily TwitPic

This morning's Daily TwitPic has something for everyone. Twilighters can take pleasure in the fact that their favorite franchise gets a pop culture shout. Lovers of comedy can appreciate the look of raw excitement on Aziz Ansari's face at the sight of a "New Moon" werewolf. And let's face it: everyone can enjoy Ansari. The dude is hilarious, even when he's ranting about IMAX injustices.

That pretty much sums up your twitpic for this morning. Ansari can't believe what he's seeing in "New Moon," that "those kids are wolves!" He apparently missed the trailers. And TV spots. And bajillion stills scattered across the Internet. Or maybe he's just playing up his excitement, for the sake of comedy. Yeah, more likely that.

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