Alex Meraz And His Robert Pattinson Blow-up Doll In Today's Daily TwitPic

And here I thought nothing in this world could be more disturbing than the Robert Pattinson body pillow. One day I'll learn life's most important truth: there's always something more disturbing.

This time, I blame "New Moon" actor and Wolf Pack-er Alex Meraz for finding it. There was a TwiCon over the weekend that he attended, and he snapped a pic while he was there of a Robert Pattinson/Edward Cullen blow-up doll. Reading the twitpic's comments, it seems that blow-up RPattz is something of a regular at "Twilight" gatherings, and a popular one too. That's cool... but the doll still sort of creeps me out. Decide for yourself after the jump.

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