'Avatar' April 22 DVD/Blu-ray Release To Offer No Bonus Content

The planned April 22 release date for "Avatar" on Blu-ray and DVD has been known for awhile, so it's not exactly breaking news that the Los Angeles Times is reporting. It had also been pretty widely reported that this home video release -- the first of several -- would be light on bonus content. Well it turns out that "light" actually means "completely devoid" in this case.

The aim in abandoning all extras -- which includes stripping down menus as well as removing trailers and studio promotions -- is to fill every bit of space on the disc with a top-notch audio/video presentation. Before you get cynical and starting shouting "marketing ploy!" to the heavens, know too that the April 22 release is planned for a Thursday (instead of the usual Tuesday), so that it can coincide with Earth Day. This will include a tie-in environmental campaign to be announced by director James Cameron and producer Jon Landau at a March 23 press conference.

The director and producer will also discuss the particulars of the next "Avatar" home video release, a features-packed "ultimate" edition currently planned for a November release. Neither the April nor the November releases will be 3-D however, as had been previously reported. Cameron and Landau will also presumably talk a little bit about the possible fall re-release of the film, which Cameron previously indicated would contain additional content not seen in the original theatrical release.

Will you be buying "Avatar" in April? Is it too soon? Do you want more with your home video purchases than the promised pristine audio/video?