'21 Jump Street' Has A 'Really Funny Cameo' For Johnny Depp, Release 'Still Up In The Air,' Jonah Hill Says

As a guy who spent most of his childhood running amok through the '80s and '90s, the narcs-turned-high school kids TV series "21 Jump Street" holds a special place in my heart. And not just because it unleashed Johnny Depp on the world. So it's with great excitement then that I greet Jonah Hill's (he's writing, producing and presumably starring) planned big screen adaptation, which will feature a similar setup as the TV show, only set against the backdrop of today's world.

MTV's Josh Horowitz got to have a little chat with Hill at South By Southwest over the weekend, and the two talked "Jump Street." As you may know, MTV has been a big advocate of making a Depp cameo happen, working both the superstar actor and the announced directors. Now he's brought the plea to Hill directly, and here's what the "Superbad" star had to say.

"[Depp and I] haven't had any direct contact before. I've just heard that he's interested and I'm more than interested," Hill explained. "We will make that happen. If he is down to do it, we have written a really, really funny cameo for him in the movie."

Hill also addressed the recent release date change; last week, "21 Jump Street" was pushed back to a murky "2012" release. It turns out that might not be accurate, however. "The release date is still up in the air," Hill said. We're going to shoot in January [2011]. That's when we're shooting. We are locked in shooting in January."

A January shoot could conceivably spell a late-2011 release for "Jump Street," especially if some decision is made to -- fittingly, I think -- make it a "back to school" sort of movie. For now though, Hill has more immediate concerns ahead.

"I'm going to make 'Moneyball' and then this movie 'The Sitter' with myself and ['Pineapple Express' director] David Gordon Green and then we're going to go straight into '21 Jump Street,' which is coming along phenomenally."

How necessary is a Depp cameo for a "21 Jump Street" movie? Are you a fan of what you've heard so far about this adaptation?