Robert Rodriguez Reboots 'Spy Kids' And Won't Direct 'Jetsons'

Last September we learned that The Weinstein Co. is planning another installment of Robert Rodriguez' family sci-fi franchise "Spy Kids" and that it would be shot in the new digital 3-D format (unlike "Spy Kids 3-D: Game Over," which used a form of the old anaglyph type of 3-D). Well, the fact that there will be a new "Spy Kids" was correct, but it won't be "Part 4" of the initial series.

At SXSW, where Robert Rodriguez just premiered footage from "Predators," he revealed he's actually rebooting his own franchise and that this new "Spy Kids" will be his next project as a director. The Playlist shares the news from Austin, relaying that the "Grindhouse" co-director has set the story 10 years later and will cast all new kids for the leads.

"That maybe doesn't sound as good as it sounds," Rodriguez acknowledged to the SXSW audience, "but when you read the script its very funny. Its not like we're going back to the well for a fourth time. It feels actually completely new. It's the 'Casino Royale' to 'For Your Eyes Only.'"

The filmmaker also noted that kids are his most loyal audience, even more than the geek crowd. This sadly explains why a "Spy Kids" redo is hitting theaters before the highly anticipated "Sin City" sequel, which Rodriguez simply claims "quite possibly" is still happening (at least "Machete" will come out before the kid film, we hope).

What isn't happening, though, at least not for Rodriguez, is "The Jetsons." Despite telling MTV last summer that his planned adaptation of the future-set animated series would shoot in 2010, the director confirmed that he's no longer doing it at all.

I'm rather disappointed about this last tidbit, as I've always been intrigued to see how Rodriguez depicts a live-action George Jetson and family. And wouldn't "The Jetsons" have possibly appealed to both the kids and the geeks, combining fanbases for what could have been the director's most successful film yet? Oh well. I'm sure someone else will end up linked to the cartoon adaptation before the year -- if not month -- is through.

Do you think it's too soon for a "Spy Kids" reboot? Do you wish Robert Rodriguez was concentrating on "Sin City 2" or still directing "The Jetsons" instead?