Robert Rodriguez Says People Need To Fear The 'Predators' Again

After the widely panned "Alien vs. Predator" movies nearly tanked both franchises, it's hard to believe that the four-jawed alien hunters are actually making their way back to the big screen. Most surprising of all, of course, is that the upcoming "Predators" film actually looks like it's going to deliver.

It's a sense of skepticism that didn't go over producer Robert Rodriguez and director Nimrod Antal's heads when they took the reins on "Predators." The creative duo knew that they needed to give the beloved franchise a much needed shot in the arm.

"We knew that we had to make people scared of the predators again," Rodriguez told MTV News at this weekend's South by Southwest festival. "And by doing that, we needed characters that were afraid of them and that you believed in."

Once he and Antal recognized the essential core ingredients, it was just a matter of ironing out the ideas and fashioning them into a concrete cinematic adventure.

"It started with coming up with a really great story, interesting characters that could be the eyes of the audience going into this new world, and discovering for the first time — and allowing the audience to discover for the first time again — these creatures."

The movie is still months away from release, but based on the recently unveiled teaser footage and the impressive ensemble cast, it certainly seems like "Predators" is on track to change the face of the franchise for the better.

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