Steven Spielberg May Direct 'Robopocalypse' Adaptation From 'Cloverfield' Screenwriter

"Robopocalypse"!!! Could there be a better title? The answer, my friends, is no. There couldn't.

"Robopocalypse" is an upcoming book from Daniel H. Wilson, the author of such fine reads as "How To Survive a Robot Uprising: Tips on Defending Yourself Against the Coming Rebellion," "Where's My Jetpack?: A Guide to the Amazing Science Fiction Future That Never Arrived" and "Bro-Jitsu: The Martial Art of Sibling Smackdown," which hits shelves in April. Wilson's books have so far fallen between humor and non-fiction. From the sound of things, "Robopocalypse" moves into fiction territory, looking at what becomes of the human race after a robot uprising.

The reason this is all relevant to our movie-loving interests here is Wilson's book, which DreamWorks optioned back in November, has a script coming from "Cloverfield" scribe Drew Goddard. What's more, "Robopocalypse" is the latest "maybe he'll direct it!" project for none other than Steven Spielberg.

The news comes from Deadline Hollywood who, despite their penchant for never sourcing the news they report, are often on the mark about such things. The only reason I'm not going to get excited about this is Spielberg himself.

The veteran filmmaker has been linked as a possible director on no less than five different projects in recent months, including invisible rabbit story "Harvey," James Bond-a-like "Matt Helm, a George Gershwin biopic, an Abraham Lincoln... something and an adaptation of the novel-turned-play "War Horse." That's not even mentioning the supposedly incoming fifth "Indiana Jones" flick. He's definitely directing "The Adventures of Tintin: The Secret of the Unicorn," for a 2011 release, but that's an animated film and it's currently in its post-production phase.

All that said, I certainly would like to see Spielberg take a crack at a script from the "Cloverfield" writer about robots taking over the planet. "War of the Worlds" had its moments, but the final act went flying off the rails in a bad way. As a longtime fan of the director's work, I'd sure like to see him get another shot at telling a post-apocalyptic story. This is the man credited with inventing the blockbuster ("Jaws") after all.

Should Spielberg take on "Robopocalypse" next? One of the other many projects he been rumored to have an interest in? What would you most like to see him do?