Amy Ryan Doesn't Plan On Returning To 'The Office'

Amy Ryan had a great run on "The Office." Last season we saw her character, HR's very own Holly, wine and dine Dunder Mifflin Scranton's head honcho Michael Scott with her own geeky charm. She made corny jokes and loved Michael's. She had a great Yoda impression and she didn't seem to mind that Michael confessed his feelings for her very, very, very early on in the relationship.

However, like all amazing things, this relationship came to an end. The bosses found out about them and moved her all the way to TK. They broke up. However, we're still holding out some hope that they may reunite and fall passionately back in love. An idea Ryan wouldn't rule out.

"I don’t know. It would be nice, but I don’t have any plans for that," she told MTV News on the red carpet at the "Green Zone" premiere. Adding that if Holly and Michael reunited: "Oh wouldn’t that be nice!"

Until that day however, Ryan is on the big screen alongside Matt Damon in "Green Zone," which opens today. In it she plays journalist Lawrie Dayne, a character whom she admits plays by the rules. "No she doesn’t reveal her sources," Ryan explained. "A good journalist doesn’t reveal her [anonymous] sources!"

Would you like to see Holly make a return to "The Office"?