Mitch Hurwitz/Will Arnett Sitcom May Push 'Arrested Development' Movie 'Another Few Months,' Jason Bateman Says

Oh "Arrested Development." Why do you continue to taunt us with your refusal to exist?

The on-again, off-again, on-again, off-again, on-again, off-ag... you get the idea-- the highly anticipated big screen revival of Mitch Hurwitz's unjustly canceled Fox comedy series has been careening towards a theatrical feature for some time now. Fans refuse to give up the ghost and entertainment journalists -- many of whom are themselves fans -- won't stop asking for updates. Journalists like MTV's Josh Horowitz, who chatted with series star Jason Bateman briefly on the red carpet at Sunday's Academy Awards ceremony.

Bateman kept his response brief and to the point. "Nothing new. We're hoping for the end of the year," he said. Hoping? We heard in January that shooting would commence before the end of the year.

If there's a delay, you can blame "Arrested" star Will Arnett. He's busy working with Hurwitz on a new comedy series. So how will that impact the "Arrested" movie plans?

"His show with [Will] Arnett has pushed it another few months," Bateman said in reference to the new Hurwitz project. Bateman wants the faithful to hang onto their hopes though. "['Arrested' is] still coming," he promised.

Have you abandoned all hope of an "Arrested Development" movie? Are you starting to understand what an abused lover must feel like?

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