EXCLUSIVE: 'Tron Legacy' Trailer Commentary With Director Joseph Kosinski

The "Tron Legacy" trailer arrived on the Internet late last night after appearing in theaters in front of Tim Burton's "Alice in Wonderland" for a week. MTV's Eric Ditzian had an opportunity to speak with "Legacy" director Joseph Kosinski shortly before the trailer's wide release. What follows is a shot-by-shot account of the trailer, in Koskinski's own words. Read on for an exclusive glimpse into how "Tron Legacy," which hits theaters on December 17, is coming together. Take it away, Eric!

A few days ago, "Tron Legacy" director Joseph Kosinski called up MTV News and walked us shot-by-shot through the trailer for his upcoming stand-alone sequel to the 1982 original. Here's what he had to say.

"The first shot is Sam Flynn on an important location in our film. Alan Bradley's an important character from the first movie and an important one in ours. He's got that kind of voice of God. We open with a promise he made to Sam that if he ever found any information about Sam's father, he'd let him know first."

"When Alan was Kevin Flynn's right hand man, Kevin said, 'Sleep with this pager.' Amazingly, a page came from a phone number that'd been disconnected 20 years ago when Kevin disappeared. It's the number of Kevin's office in the old Flynn's Arcade."

"Sam jumps on his Ducati. Kevin was an adrenaline junkie. The first film we saw him breaking into ENCOM headquarters. His son has his father's talents. Little foreshadowing, as riding will become useful. He's got skills that will pay off inside Tron."

"So he jumps on his Ducati and we see him weave his way through traffic, working his way downtown and he finds the abandoned Flynn's Arcade that has been shuttered since his father disappeared."

There's plenty more from Kosinski. Just click any of the images above to check out the rest of our exclusive "Tron Legacy" trailer director's commentary.