Ultimate MTV Oscars Correspondent Winner Terry Stackhouse On His Red Carpet Experience

by Terry Stackhouse

The biggest challenge in being a journalist is always remaining objective, keeping oneself out of the story, and providing an unbiased presentation of the truth. Following my coverage of the Oscars, this was no easy task for me. It was the experience of a lifetime, and I will not take it for granted.

Three months ago, Zach Cusson and I made an audition tape in which we said why we felt we were the “Ultimate MTV Oscars Correspondents”. From there, we were narrowed down to a field of ten, then three… then one.

When Tom Sherack, the President of Academy announced that we were the grand prize winners and would soon be on the Red Carpet, I cannot describe the excitement. It is every reporter's dream to cover the biggest night in Hollywood, and there we were.

Prior to standing on the Red Carpet, I thought that I would feel nervous. However, it was the opposite. I felt right at home, totally in my element. I had prepared myself for the situation and was ready for anything.

The adrenaline rush of doing this job was something I have felt before. I learned that although the Red Carpet is the biggest stage in journalism, it is really no different than being on “The Emerson Channel” (my college TV network)… all the same principles apply. And if you prepare, everything will be fine.

On the carpet we spoke with nearly everyone who walked in front of us. They were so willing to talk, many of them congratulating us on winning the contest. Jason Bateman, Jake Gyllenhaal and Zac Efron were especially kind, and hung around to talk for a few extra moments. Other big names were Steve Carell, Sam Worthington, Anthony Mackie, Sandra Bullock, Mariah Carey… just to name a few.

That night at the Governor's Ball we were able to conduct some additional interviews for press outlets, as no cameras were allowed. I had the pleasure of speaking with Oprah Winfrey. Out of everyone I have ever interviewed, no one has ever spoken to me so genuinely and made me feel so at ease. For a few moments, she truly made me feel like I was the only person in the world who mattered. That was a moment for me.

In summary, I cannot thank the Academy and mtvU enough for this wonderful opportunity. Also, our fellow winners, Rachel Berry, Christian Hartnett, Kiarra Hart, and Brandon McCaskill were a pleasure to meet and work with. It was truly a blessing to have this experience that so many dream of.