Sandra Bullock & Julia Roberts: The Commonalities Between The Oscar-Winning Actresses

Sandra Bullock and Julia RobertsIn light of her recent Best Actress victory at the Academy Awards, "The Blind Side" leading lady Sandra Bullock is understandably enjoying some time in the spotlight. With more than a few projects already lined up, Bullock's future is pretty well covered. The road that led to the Oscars, however, is somewhat more mystifying, but it sure has a lot in common with Julia Roberts' own career.

That's not to suggest that Roberts is responsible for Bullock's award-winning performance — though the "Pretty Woman" star was reportedly the first choice to play Leigh Anne Tuohy in "The Blind Side," a role that Roberts ultimately declined. But looking past that irony, Roberts' career path is actually quite similar to Bullock's in many ways.

Both Roberts and Bullock have had their fair share of diverse projects ranging in tone from lighthearted to downright dramatic. For Roberts, "Hook" couldn't be any more different than "Erin Brockovich," while Bullock herself traveled from "Speed" to "Crash" in the span of a decade. They've each had some fluffier films in between those extremes, like Roberts' "Runaway Bride" and Bullock's "Practical Magic."

While the two actresses have shown that they're able to go from jovial to motivational from movie set to movie set — for Bullock, such a distinction couldn't be made any clearer than her simultaneous Oscar victory and her Razzies "win" — it was ultimately the more dramatic fare that earned Roberts and Bullock their Academy Awards. Both provided scene-chewing turns as mothers that rise to the occasion in the face of adversity, and both walked away with Oscars to show for their performances.

Sure, Roberts has been more of a bankable prospect throughout her career, but after Bullock's summer success with "The Proposal" and "The Blind Side" proving that she's no moneymaking slouch — not to mention her newly minted status as an Oscar winner — it's a likely bet that the creative and commercial similarities between Roberts and Bullock will continue in the years to come.

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