Lenny Kravitz To Play Civil Rights Pioneer Andrew Young In Lee Daniels' 'Selma'

He wasn't up for an Oscar, but "Precious" actor and noted musician Lenny Kravitz was out last night to show his support. MTV's Josh Horowitz got a few minutes with him on the red carpet last night, time which he used to ask the rock star what led him to acting and if he hopes to keep it going now that "Precious" -- and his work in it -- has been so well-received.

"I've always wanted to [act]," Kravitz said. "And the plan was to do it -- I did theater when I was younger and that was part of my life -- but once I started making music I kind of put blinders on and that was it."

Now that this first, admittedly somewhat small, experience is behind him, Kravitz is ready for more. In fact, his plan was to start small and go from there. And now that he's got a friend like "Precious" director Lee Daniels, he's already lined up for something else.

"The next role is Andrew Young in a film called 'Selma,' directed by Lee Daniels," Kravitz said. Young was a significant figure in the Civil Rights movement, someone who worked very closely Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. And while the story details for "Selma" aren't really out there yet, Young did aid King Jr. in planning a Civil Rights Campaign in Selma, Alabama. Young was also jailed in that same city for participating in a demonstration there.

Kravitz acknowledges that this is going to be a significant step up, moving from his "Precious" nurse to Young, a King Jr. collaborator who was at times the Mayor of Atlanta, a Congressman and the United States ambassador to the United Nations. Kravitz is aware of all of this. As he said, "I gotta bring it."

Is Kravitz right for the part of Andrew Young? What did you think of his performance in "Precious"?