Oscar Nominee Vera Farmiga Describes Her 'Static' Character In Duncan Jones' 'Source Code'

"Up in the Air" star Vera Farmiga was nominated for an Oscar last night in the Best Supporting Actress category. Mo'Nique had that one pretty much locked up of course, but Farmiga was still out on the red carpet last night to celebrate both her own work and that of her peers.

One of her upcoming projects is "Source Code," a sci-fi flick from "Moon" director Duncan Jones (the most criminally underrated film of 2009). And given how excellent "Moon" was, MTV's Josh Horowitz had to ask Farmiga if we can expect more of the same in his sophomore effort.

"I can't tell you much," she said after confirming that she starts shooting in April.

"I'll tell you why," she continued. "Because I haven't wrapped my head around it myself and I'm going to sound like an utter idiot trying to explain it to you. It's a pretty complicated plot. With all due respect to Duncan Jones. I'm sure Duncan is not proud of me in this moment."

Farmiga remained tight-lipped, though she did indicate that there's some action in the movie. "Not my part," she said. "There's a portion of the film that is [action-oriented], but mine is actually very static."

That's not much to speculate on, but the way Farmiga says "static"... it's very deliberate. What it means is anyone's guess. The little we know of the story is that Jake Gyllenhaal plays a soldier who is forced to relive a train bombing over and over again in an effort to learn who the culprit is and prevent another attack from occurring. It's all a part of some experimental government program.

What do you think Farmiga might be doing in the movie?