'District 9' Director Neill Blomkamp Is Still Interested In Doing A Sequel... Just Not Yet

One of the unlikely -- but nonetheless welcome -- Best Picture nominees which benefited from the expanded category size was director Neill Blomkamp's inventive sci-fi feature debut, "District 9." It's an odd film, a melting pot of genres set within a science fiction framework. The "aliens arrive on Earth" idea isn't exactly new, but Blomkamp's take on it is fresh nonetheless. And while "District 9" was one of the bigger longshots to win last night, it definitely deserved its Best Picture nom.

Blomkamp probably agrees, though he admitted to MTV's Josh Horowitz on the Oscars red carpet last night that it all came as quite a surprise.

"It was pretty insane," he said. "I never expected it to be there. There is definitely a level of insanity to [being at the Oscars as a Best Picture nominee] that I wasn't prepared for." Blomkamp went on to describe how he was asleep when the nominations were announced, and had to be woken up for the good news.

As for the much-discussed "District 9" sequel, the director isn't quite there yet. To Josh's question of how far into the sequel process he is, Blomkamp replied, "Not that far. I'm working on another sci-fi film, but I want to make the sequel. I'm just doing something else now."

Blomkamp hasn't had much to say about his mysterious next project. He told Josh -- and has said frequently -- that his next film will be bigger in scope. He's also previously said that it's science fiction wrapped around "sociopolitical ideas" that interest him, and that it will be "something like a Hollywood action film."

Where would you like to see the story started in "District 9" taken next?