Best Director And Best Picture Winner Kathryn Bigelow: What's Next For Her?

FROM MTV.COM: Kathryn Bigelow made cinematic history at the 82nd Annual Academy Awards by becoming the first woman to win an Oscar in the Best Director category for her work on "The Hurt Locker." While Bigelow has plenty of cause for celebration, her victory also leads to an interesting question: What's next for the award-winning filmmaker? As of now, the 58-year-old director has two projects on her agenda, an HBO television series called "The Miraculous Year" and an upcoming feature film titled "Triple Frontier."

In "The Miraculous Year," Bigelow will leave the violent front lines of the Iraq War in favor of a street-level view of New York. The project is described by The Hollywood Reporter as a light family drama with a flamboyant Broadway personality at the story's center. Bigelow will direct the pilot episode and is an executive producer alongside writer and fellow executive producer John Logan. Filming is expected to commence in May or June.

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