Amanda Seyfried To Star In Catherine Hardwicke's 'Red Riding Hood'

Despite what I thought I heard on the TV last night, Zac Efron was not confirming he's the new Spider-Man while making the rounds on the Oscars red carpet (he was merely stating that it'd be a "dream come true"). But another young star did make a similar -- if not as momentous -- revelation. The Playlist caught Amanda Seyfried telling E! that she is indeed the lead in Catherine Hardwicke's "The Girl With the Red Riding Hood."

This is the movie that returns the "Twilight" director to familiar territory, as it involves a werewolf. Last week, Hardwicke told the Los Angeles Times that Seyfried was at the time in discussions for the role based on Little Red Riding Hood of fairy tale legend. Apparently it only took a few days for the actress to say yes. Hardwicke also told the Times that the "super-sexy" film is a murder mystery dealing with a "village plagued by this wolf."

Previously, we had learned there's a teenage love story at the plot's center, and further speculated that the titular character will be torn between Team Hunter and Team Wolf.

Scripted by David Leslie Johnson ("Orphan") and produced by Leonardo DiCaprio, "Red Riding Hood" will continue to be compared to the "Twilight" series, though with Seyfried on board we should also consider her prior roles in both romance ("Dear John") and horror ("Jennifer's Body). The rising star, whose next film, "Chloe," will be released in a couple weeks, seems like a great fit for Hardwicke's gothic love story.

Hardwicke did also point out last week that there is no greenlight for "Red Riding Hood" yet. So we're still not sure whether this or the director's "Hamlet" update with Emile Hirsch will end up in the can first. If the titles "Twilight" and "Dear John" (which knocked "Avatar" off its box office throne) keep being referenced, I can't see anything that would keep "Red Riding Hood" from being fast-tracked very soon.

Do you agree Amanda Seyfried is perfect for the iconic fairy tale character? Do you hope Catherine Hardwicke gets "The Girl With the Red Riding Hood" greenlit soon?