Oscars Hosts Versus Neil Patrick Harris: What Do You Think?

As I watched the Oscars last night, two inescapable facts became increasingly clear as the night wore on. One: Alec Baldwin and Steve Martin, for all their comedic talents, were less than ideal choices to co-host the show. Two: Neil Patrick Harris should have mastered the ceremonies in their stead.

NPH, who was recently confirmed as the live-action lead in the coming adaptation of classic '80s cartoon "The Smurfs," opened the show with a rousing, Broadway-style musical number. See for yourself:

He was on fire, a vibrant presence on that stage and -- as we soon learned -- an impossible act to follow for co-hosts Baldwin and Martin. There they stood, belting out predictable joke after predictable joke, with almost every one of them falling flat. At one point, it looked like the cool, collected George Clooney might rise out of his seat and strangle the both of them. They didn't even knock the guy too hard; he was probably just overwhelmed by the magnitude of their mark-missing.

That's my opinion though. What do you all think? I've set up a poll, and I want to know where you stand. So let us know, both by clicking your vote and in the comments section below!