'Paranormal Activity' Star Micah Sloat Promises A Sequel The Stays True 'To The Spirit Of' The Original

One of the more interesting developing projects out there right now is "Paranormal Activity 2," sequel to the 2009 smash hit from newcomer director Oren Peli. Since Peli is off now working on his own follow-up -- called "Area 51" (for now) -- Paramount has had to turn to other possible candidates to direct. "Saw VI" director Kevin Greutert was at one point set to helm, but he was later shuffled back to Lionsgate's long-running franchise. The most recent rumblings suggested another crop of possibilities, including veteran filmmaker Brian De Palma, but the studio isn't ready to confirm anything just yet.

MTV's Josh Horowitz caught up with "Paranormal Activity" star Micah Sloat on the red carpet at last night's 2010 Independent Spirit Awards ceremony, and he asked the actor to set the record straight.

"I know a lot, I can't tell you--" he said, cracking into a smile before adding, "Well, just a little."

"All I can tell you is I'm very excited for the project, it's really cool, it's gonna be really interesting and it's not gonna suck, which most horror sequels... would. This is gonna be good," he said. Of course, he would say such a thing, being involved with the sequel and all, but there's no need to be cynical... yet. For now, Sloat shared the most encouraging bit of info he was able to: the sequel will follow in the footsteps of its record-breaking predecessor.

"Well we have money now, but we're staying true to the heart of the movie, to the spirit of it, to the vision," he explained. "That's all I can say."

What's significant here is that Sloat is talking about the sequel at all. As anyone who's seen the first movie knows, **SPOILER ALERT** his character is killed off at the end of the film. **END SPOILER** To hear Sloat talking about the sequel now, as though he's involved, points to one of two possibilities: the sequel will in fact be a prequel or Sloat is in some way possessed or under the spell of the demonic force that possesses his haunted girlfriend Katie.

What do you think? How will Sloat be involved with the sequel?

Where do you want to see the "Paranormal Activity" sequel go?