Oliver Stone Sets Sights On Mexican Drug Cartels In 'Savages'

Oliver StoneIf you thought that the economic corruption seen in "Wall Street" was savage, wait until you see what director Oliver Stone has in store for viewers next. The filmmaker is set to adapt "Savages," a forthcoming novel written by Don Winslow and published by Simon & Schuster that deals with Mexican drug cartels.

Deadline reports that the film is currently slated as Stone's next project following "Wall Street 2: Money Never Sleeps." He'll pen the script alongside novelist Winslow, who is writing a first draft now while Stone puts the finishing touches on the April-releasing "Wall Street" sequel.

"Savages" tells the story of two Laguna Beach friends and drug dealers that grow and distribute the best quality marijuana in the world. Their communal girlfriend is kidnapped by a Mexican drug cartel with a ransom equal to the sum of money the pair has earned over the past five years. The drug dealing friends devise a dangerous plan to get their girlfriend back without having to sacrifice their wallets.

The book isn't out until July, so it's not easy to weigh in on the quality of the material. Does the story lean more towards a serious tone like "Traffic," or is this something of a stoner comedy ala "Pineapple Express?" Maybe "Savages" draws elements from both ends of the spectrum. Either way, it's not necessarily a movie I'd expect to see from Stone, who has tied his work very closely to current hot button political issues in recent years. We'll see how this shakes out once casting announcements and a release date start to pour out, but for now, consider "Savages" a project to watch for.

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