EXCLUSIVE: 'Fraggle Rock' Movie Still 'Integrating Popular Musical Acts'

The Jim Henson Company has been tinkering behind the scenes with a "Fraggle Rock" movie since at least 2006, and as anyone who watched the 1980s TV series knows, music was a huge part of the Fraggles' underground world. What you may not know, however, is that director Cory Edwards and his associates have been working to integrate big-name musical acts into their feature film. Edwards blogged about such meetings a year ago, and the plan remains on track.

"The idea of integrating popular musical acts into the movie is something that everyone’s excited about," Melissa Segal, senior vice president of global consumer products at Jim Henson Company, told MTV News. And music will be front and center in the production. "It’s a big part of the movie," she said.

Though no announcements have been made recently, Edwards wrote that he has his eyes on the new Fraggle comics coming out this year from Archaia.

"It's very actively in development," Segal assured.

Edwards originally wrote that he wanted the film's music to "be more than 'kids rock,'" which leaves the door open for a number of options. Seeing anyone from Lady Gaga to "Weird Al" Yankovic in the Fraggle world could be quite a trip, but Henson fans will definitely want to see the Fraggles keep the spotlight.

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