Robert De Niro And Bradley Cooper Are Wandering In 'The Dark Fields'

DESCRobert De Niro and Bradley Cooper are starring alongside each other in an upcoming movie. No, it's not "The Hangover 2," though that would certainly be interesting to see — instead, the two actors are joining forces on a completely different kind of head-spinning story.

Variety reports that De Niro has signed on to star in "The Dark Fields," an upcoming thriller from Relativity Media starring Cooper and directed by "The Illusionist" filmmaker Neil Burger.

Based on a novel by Alan Glynn and a script from Leslie Dixon, "The Dark Fields" focuses on a down-and-out writer played by Cooper who starts taking an unusual designer drug that gives him newfound intelligence and success. De Niro's character is "a brilliant financial mogul" who pursues the writer, presumably based upon his discovery of the drug.

Last week, Coming Soon reported on "an unconfirmed tip" that Elizabeth Banks could star in the movie as the female lead. There is currently no official word on her casting.

I'm not going to sit here and suggest that De Niro hasn't made a single clunker in his entire career, but his track record is pretty darn good regardless. The fact that he's signed onto "The Dark Fields" is one heck of an endorsement in my book. It's also a nice step up for Cooper, who is clearly rising the ranks in Hollywood from loathsome scoundrel to leading man. With these two talents on board and Banks rumored for a role, here's hoping that "The Dark Fields" lives up to its potential.

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