Freddy Krueger Chokes Diablo Cody In Today's Daily TwitPic

No, not Jackie Earle Haley. As much as I may be a fan of the Rorschach actor, he is not the real Freddy Krueger. That distinction will always and forever belong to the great and powerful Robert Englund. I say this with the utmost respect: that man doesn't chew scenery; he lays it out as a 14-course banquet.

In today's Daily TwitPic the original Krueger has a run-in with "Juno" and "Jennifer's Body" writer Diablo Cody. Stripped of his scarred face and knifey nails, Englund still manages to be lethal. Simply, he chokes her. The question *I* have is what brought this unlikely duo together? Is Cody's next effort "Night Terrors on Oak Lane" with Englund as demonic madman Frankie Kroger?

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