Neil Patrick Harris Cast As Flesh-And-Blood Lead In 'The Smurfs'

He's been a kid doctor. An animated Spider-Man. A "Simpsons" character playing himself in a made-for-TV movie about Bart Simpson. He's also ridden a unicorn and been both a psychic and a supervillain. Next up: friend to the blue people.

The news from last night is that Neil Patrick Harris has been cast in the upcoming big screen treatment of "The Smurfs." Deadline Hollywood reports (unsourced) that he won't play one of the diminutive blue beings, but rather the flesh-and-blood live action lead. Harris will shoot his part in April, when he's on a break from the hit TV series "How I Met Your Mother."

Director Raja Gosnell is no stranger to adapting cartoon shows for the big screen. He previously helmed both "Scooby-Doo" movies. I'm not saying this as a knock either! The "Scooby" flicks weren't Oscar material, but they both managed to stay pretty faithful to the source material in some ways, though I'll always take issue with the decision to introduce real supernatural elements to both stories.

What do you want? It's 8am. I can defend "Scooby-Doo" if I want to.

Even though it's not true -- it can't be true, can it? -- it would be amazing if Harris were in fact cast as Gargamel. On the cartoon show, Gargamel the sorcerer and his cat Azrael are the Smurfs' mortal enemies. All he wants to do is cook and eat them all. Which is actually pretty gross when you get right down to it. But just imagine Harris channeling some Dr. Horrible for Gargamel... the possibilities are almost too awesome to consider. I realize that the cards might be stacked against it (I'm looking at you, "Heathcliff"), but I sure hope this movie doesn't suck.

What do you think of the Harris casting? Don't you think he'd make a good Gargamel?